Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Make Up Hilarious New Dance Moves in Epic Battle

We have to hand it to Jimmy Fallon—it takes a lot of guts to challenge Jennifer Lopez to a dance battle. Like any other game on the late-night show, there was a twist. Both J.Lo and Jimmy had to select made-up dance moves—”washing machine on spin cycle,” for example—out of a velvet red bag. Naturally, the “Jenny From the Block” songstress can make any dance move, no matter how ridiculous, look good.
Jimmy kicks things off by pulling out “putting on skinny jeans” and shimmies up and down as he pretends to struggle to put on skin-tight pants. Even though it was the late-night host’s selection, Lopez immediately tried to jump in having had to experience skinny jeans on the reg.

J.Lo received her chance to shine next when she pulled out the “washing machine” dance move. Putting her signature curves on display, the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer wiped the studio clean with her hair flips and hip thrusts. Jimmy then had to transform “walking on a moving bus” into a dance move, which basically translated into him stumbling around to the beat of the music performed by The Roots.

The Shades of Blue star chose again, once more ending up with a sexy-style move—the “hot cowboy.”

“I feel like this is going to be eerily similar to washing machine spin cycle,” J.Lo joked.


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