Why the iHeartRadio Music Awards needed an Oscars-style snafu

The best thing that can be said about Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards is that nobody called Major Lazer onstage to receive a prize meant for the Chainsmokers.

Or wait — maybe that was the worst?
Now in its fourth year, this annual awards show put on by one of the country’s biggest broadcasters has worked out most of the kinks that can trip up a new production (or even an established one like the Oscars).

So congratulations, iHeartRadio, for properly sorting your envelopes. Maybe the academy was taking notes.

But just because nothing went horribly wrong during this year’s show, broadcast live on TBS from the Forum in Inglewood, didn’t mean that everything went right.

Indeed, a mix-up like last week’s best picture incident at the Academy Awards might’ve been welcome at this deeply forgettable event, which felt only more superfluous for taking place mere days after awards season was supposed to have ended.


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